NEW! Small Squares Silk & Wool Blend

$ 119.00

Great material for Fall/Winter Combinations! Silk/Wool Blend.  This is one of our newest additions from Como, Italy. We Currently have the Dark Red/Blue in Stock, For other Colors please allow time for them to be Woven and shipped to us for making. (Typically 3-4 Week time period.)

What you are looking at is the raw fabric, not a finished tie.

We recommend this fabric finished as our vintage-cut style tie.

We make each tie by hand, one at a time. Once you choose a silk, we cut it out using a pattern that we alter for each customer. Once the silk is cut, it is then pieced together using either two or three main pieces that make up the body or shell. If making a three-fold standard style tie, we then cut out a wool inner lining that is used to give the tie it's proper weight. Next are tip linings, those are cut and sewn to the small and large blades. Once assembled, the tie is then folded and hand-stitched. The label or keeper is attached and bar tacks (stay stitch) sewn in. If a Seven-fold is being made we utilize a larger custom pattern that uses an entire yard of silk. Our seven-fold ties are unlined and un-tipped,  instead the tips are finished with a hand-folded edge and hand-stitched. The end result is a handcrafted necktie made to measure just for you! For more info on the construction of each style visit our videos page at the bottom of this page.

 (Shop Note: CS Pattern # 95883)