About Us

     We are a Family owned business. Our process of tie making begins with the selection of fine materials and designs. Our bespoke ties are cut and finished by hand with extra attention given to detail. Currently we are featuring a simple page with available silks. Each silk fabric featured can be made into your next necktie! Some of the silks are more versatile and can be used to make Seven-fold style ties. The Seven-fold is similar to standard four-in-hand style neckties. The Seven-fold however, is all silk construction. It is folded multiple times to create the proper thickness, it is unlined and un-tipped, finished completely by hand. Our current silk collections are from Como Italy, featuring some of the finest jacquard silks available. To get started, choose a pattern you would like to be your next necktie.

Meet the maker: All our U.S. made products are hand-made by David.