Como, Italy. December 10 2019, 0 Comments

Stunning View Of Lake Como Buildings Shoreline
Como has long been one of the finest producers of silks in the world. 
Peaking production in the 1980's, Silk was one of the main economy drivers for the city. Large-scale Manufacturing in China caused the Como silk economy to slowly decline. Tourism and hospitality related business have been the recent draw of income for the area. Still, some of the best silks are still produced here with their weavers giving great attention to quality and detail. 
Lake Como view of Dock
I am so happy to now be working with two companies in Como! Below are some of their samples. The quality is top notch and each pattern has many color options. I look forward to some great silks coming in!
Silks Woven in Como Italy
Silk Paisley Woven in Como Italy
Paisley Silk Fabrics Woven in Lake Como Italy, Lombardy